Technical Consulting

Our consulting service is all about how to turn knowledge into action… and, then, turning that action into your business success. By looking at your needs in a holistic, integrated fashion we offer solutions that look at your challenges in the context of your entire business strategy.


Given the rapidity of change in our industry, it's never been more important to make sure that you have access to subject matter experts who can think strategically and, then, act in a targeted fashion.


We are focused on working with you to think early on in a process and anticipate, not react to, issues that may arise.


Please contact us and see how you can use our expertise to your advantage.


Fully Integrated Services

     - Strategic Master Planning

     - Asset Disposal

     - Environmental Impact and Assessments

     - Energy Audits and Conservation Management

     - Facility Operations and Operations Strategies

     - Lean Approaches to Capital Projects

     - Operations and Logistics Planning

     - Total Calibration Program Management



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