When the success of a mission-critical project rests on your need a construction and design/build team you can count on to deliver on time and on budget. A team that understands "Lean" and how it supports your bottom-line business goals. As team that has the real-time experience to reduce waste and delivery value.


"Lean" is about innovative thinking. It's about continuity finding ways to do things better and more efficiently, delivering higher quality while controlling costs and maintain long-term operational dependability. IPMS has taken the lead role in developing and implementing Lean Project Delivery.


Process, further driving our vision and resulting in real value for our clients. Our Lean Project Delivery Process is aimed at four distinctive areas: Reduce Cost, Reduce Waste and Redundancy, Improve and Gain Value, Continuity and Sustainability. By focusing on these four areas, we have been able to reduce Overall Project Costs as well as Project Timelines.


Construction Overview

     - Design / Build

     - Constructability Reviews

     - Construction Management

     - Cost Management

     - Design Reviews

     - Estimating

     - Field Inspections/Execution

     - Scheduling

     - Value Engineering

     - Lean Project Delivery

     - Logistics Planning

     - Preconstruction

     - Process Equipment Installation

     - Procurement Strategy

     - Project Controls

     - Project Management

     - Risk Analysis

     - Safety

     - Schedule Management


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